FAST TRACK Education Course

Enrollment in the Fast Track Section of the Addiction Studies Certificate is offered to those students wishing to complete only the minimum educational requirements for initial certification of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Counselors (California Code of Regulations, Title 9, Division 4, Chapter 8, Subchapter 3, Section 13040) and this section includes the following courses from the above list: Cultural Difference/Special Populations, Prevention and Education, Legal and Confidentiality Issues / Ethics / Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Self-Help and Twelve Step Therapy, HIV / ARC / AIDS / Communicable Diseases, Role of the Counselor, Individual Counseling Techniques, Dual Diagnosis/DSM IV/Co-Occurring Disorders / PTSD, Internship Process, TAP 21 and Twelve Core Functions, and Case Management. The Fast Track Section includes 17 Quarter units (170 hours) of study and students who complete only the Fast Track Section do not earn the Addiction Studies Certificate.

PLEASE NOTE: Successful completion of the Fast Track Section of the Certificate Program requires an Internship of 160 hours of supervised Alcohol and Other Drug training based on the curriculum contained in the TAP 21 Counselor Competencies documented by the appropriate agency supervisor(s) in an agency of the student’s choice. Breining Institute does not offer placement services, and it is the responsibility of the student to procure the internship position.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Completion of the Fast Track Section does not constitute completion of the Addiction Studies Certificate Program and no certificate or diploma will be issued, although an official transcript will be provided showing the completed units. To graduate from the Certificate Program, the student must enroll in and successfully complete the remaining 28 units.

Completion of the Fast Track Section only does not qualify the student for RAS or CATC certification in California.

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